Join us for story time with Miss Alyson the Book Fairy, Itty Bitty Story Time with Miss Kathy, book clubs for Early Readers as well as other age groups and young adults or just come hang out. Draw a picture at our art table and we'll post it on our walls, making you a famous artist! Pretend you're a brave astronaut in the rocketship and you are on your way to explore a new planet but most of all, make yourself at home.


Early Reader, Middle Reader, and Young Adult

Who loves reading books more than our very own Book Fairy, Miss Alyson! Join us on Fridays at 10:30  for Miss Alyson's magical adventures.


Pajama Storytime!  Put on your best or worst, silliest or serious, colorful or drab jammies and join us on the First Friday of every month at 7:00. Miss Alyson will be here footie pajamas and all to read a bedtime story!


Tuesdays at 9:30 is Itty Bitty Story Time with Miss Kathy from Adventures in Music. This is a music based Story Time and the Itty Bitties get to play with musical instruments along with having a story read to them.


For more information aboutour storytellers, please click on the books.

Reading one book is like eating one potato chip.

- Diane Duane


And how many flavors of potato chips are there? For that reason we have many different bookclubs. Click on the picture to find out what we're reading this month.




Authors! Illustrators! Publishers! Oh My!

and fun stuff

We respect anyone that is willing to take a chance and put pen to paper, ribbon to typewriter or keyboard to processor. Showcasing local authors and illustrators are definitely a highpoint for us.  If you have written and published a pièce de résistance, please take a moment to view our Author Signings pdf.

Want to know what we're doing next? Click on the calendar icon or the PDF icons  for more information about the fun things we are doing both in store and around town.

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